Last week I had the chance to discover the new Sylvie Meis sports collection for Hunkemöller in Hamburg. A great opportunity to get to know the story behind the collab and why she launched her sports collection. Don’t know if you have seen her previous Hunkemöller collabs? Last summer they launched a gorgeous swimwear collection together, wich was already a top seller in their stores. Since Sylvie is really a sporty person, she always had it in mind to create her own sportswear collection. She always had struggles with finding a cool and cute sports outfit. So this year she sat down with one of the top designers of Hunkemöller and created a very feminine collection that is perfect for either low or high intensity training’s. Sylvie is really into yoga and dance for the last couple of years, so she focused on those two sport types. To practice yoga you need to be flexible in your outfit, so they created silhouettes with lots of stretch in it. To keep the comfy and flexible vibe. But whats most important for Sylvie is that she wanted to keep the collection sexy. She wants to feel good in her sportswear but also look good. And don’t we also want that? You want to grab a coffee afterwards with your friends and still look sporty chic. And it is proved, that when you feel good and sexy in your outfit, you have more fun doing it. Now more about the bra’s. Hunkemöller is known for his bra’s for ages. So it’s kinda obvious that they wanted to create a sports bra, that looks as good as a regular bra. You need to have that exciting feeling, that you get when you find the perfect, good looking bra that you were looking for. And they wanted to give you that same feeling with the new sports bra. Seriously, it looks smashing! With its soft pink colors mixed with black, you’ll def look good and feel good! And on top of that the bra gives you the right support while working out. For me the Sylvie Meis collection, is def something to keep me motivated to work out. And hopefully it will give you the right vibes as well.

PS  The collection will be in stores in January.

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