If I can truly give you a tip, get a day off and go for a relax spa treatment! Last Saturday I did nothing but relaxing. A full day filled with massages and hammam. Really something I was longing for. Aquarein booked me a day with a nice melange of treatments, like a full body scrub, a facial treatment and pedicure, and to top it off a hot stone massage. One thing for sure, I need to plan this hot stone massage every month! I always thought that that sort of massages weren’t my piece of cake. But this one def was. The hot stones, are perfect when you have a painful neck or lower back, and the warm feeling makes your muscles relax for a moment. I just love that my mind gets a little rest from time to time, so this sort of day off was really needed after the pressdays. Get a sneak peek of the Aquarein spa center. And really, just book your massage! It will be worth it!

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