Hi there peeps,

Don’t know if you seen it disappear on my instagram feed yet, but I have a new toy to play around with! The Olympus Pen, booyah! This camera was on my list for quite a long time. Glad that I could get my hands on this handy gadget. The camera comes with a 14-42 mm lens, so pretty perfect for outfit shoots. Another thing that I enjoy while working with this one, is that its such a lightweight camera. I hate to run around with a heavy camera, and I think most of the bloggers will agree on that. About the design, the Olympus pen comes in a white version with beige leather. It has an old school vibe but looks really feminine with the leather accents. And for the male guys, there’s a black version of the camera. This tool is really an elegant thing to play around with and has a stunning image quality. I guess I can’t live without it anymore.

Visit the Olympus website for more info!



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