Hi there sporty spices! How was your weekend? Mine was pretty intense! Yesterday I ran the happiest 5K in the world. You’ve probably heard of the COLOR RUN already.. It’s a 5K run in Brussels, where you get colorful powder all over your entire body after every 1K you’ve run. So afterwards you look like a colorful rainbow chick. But the most cool thing about this running event, is that there are dj’s on the running tracks and free goodies everywhere. Running never was so pleasant! And I don’t know if you’ve seen it appear on my social media, but for this year I did a little collab with Clarisonic. They designed a whole try out zone over there, where you could clean your skin with the MIA2 after your face got covered up with color powder. I honestly don’t know if you are already familiar with the MIA2? If not, I’m happy to give you a short introduction.

The CLARISONIC MIA2, is a lightweight device that cleanses your face in a gentle and effective way. The MIA2 circles around in 2 speeds to get a deep skin cleanse. Clarisonic has a variety of brushes, that way you can choose the right brush that matches your skin type. The best thing about this compact device is that it’s a 6 x better cleanse than when you do it with your own hands. The results are really amazing. Thanks to the sonic frequency of more than 300 movements per second, you’ll get a more radiant and glowing skin and it feels 90% softer than before. Another great thing about it, is that it’s waterproof. So you can easily use it under your shower or even in your bathtub. I’m already a number 1 addict of my MIA2, and I hope you’ll get addicted as well pretty soon!

Get yours at Ici Paris XL!



Big thanks to Björn Borg for my awesome outfit!

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