tropical 2

Hi there tropical birds! Hope you’re all doing well. I know I’ve been off radar for a while guys. Not so sorry about that, cause I was on an exotic holiday in the Canary Islands. Those 2 chill weeks did me really well! Unfortunately I got sick the moment I jumped on the plane back to Belgium. Not a happy ending after all. But enough about me.

You probably know that this weekend is the most important weekend of August. Why? Cause Belgium’s hottest festival is popping up this weekend. WECANDANCE! Oh yes we can! Especially when we can wear tropical items! BOOYAH! These give us an instant exotic paradise vibe.

For this edition, WECANDANCE teamed up with mutiple fashionbrands like Filles a papa, Essentiel, A.F. Vandevorst, and many more! Together they designed some pretty cool tropical accessories, to complete your festival look. Where to find? Shop them online on the WCD webshop or at the festival shops. But be fast! All items are very limited. Anyway make sure to join us, for the fanciest festival of the year!



filles a papa


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