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Hi sporty peeps,

How you all been doing? Hope you are still enjoying your summer break. I’m already back at the office, so back to reality for me. Some of the things that keep my mind clear after my working hours, is doing a little bit of exercise. During the summer I really enjoy going for a run in the morning. Just love the chilly cold in the morning on my face. And ok I admit, me and running we always had a love-hate relationship, but I just love what it does to my body. Also the feeling you get after you went for a run is magical. It seems like I can conquer the world after my morning run. So since I’m a frequent runner, I was asked to do the Color Run in Brussels in September. Couldn’t skip on that one! And even better, I’m testing out a brand new beauty product, the Clarisonic Pedi. This one keeps my feet clean after my workout sesh. Verrry important! We don’t want our feet to look like old ladies feet. And this Clarisonic Pedi treats your feet with care. Curious? Come and try out the Clarisonic products at the Color Run in Brussels. I’ll meet you there folks!

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