Hi guys, it’s been a few weeks.. I know, but lately I was extremely busy with my new PR job at Bestseller. YAY! And now I’ve finally found the time to update you guys on about what’s rollin. Yesterday I was invited by Travelbird for a relaxed getaway to a local SPA Facility in Roeselare, Belgium. After those busy pressdays, this was something I could really use! Travelbird contacted me just at the right time, thanks guys. I was really in need of it!!

They took me to a well known SPA centre close to the French border, Thermen R. The center is apparently really famous for it’s multiple sauna facilities. So I had to give it a try! Normally I’m more a Hamam kind of person, but this time I had the chance to try out more than 5 different sauna’s.. From Japanese to Himalaya’s and bio ones.. I can really say I’ve enjoyed them! In the past I couldn’t deal with the extreme temperatures, but when you’re doing it in the right way you feel comfortable with it. I actually learned a lot yesterday.. Guess I was doing it all wrong.

First you kick off with a 30 minutes Hamman session, followed by a sea salt full body scrub to cleanse your skin before you hit your sauna session. Start off with 20 or 30 minutes in the sauna, take a shower and now the most important thing: don’t forget to cool down outside or in a cold water bath. Really important apparently, because otherwise there’s a chance you’ll get a headache and a not so pieceful night’s sleep afterwards. Something I’ve never heard before..

After my peaceful sauna session, Thermen R offered me a one hour full body massage with essential oils. Yes you heard it right, a one hour session. And I enjoyed every bit of it! They even payed more attention to my painful zones, and gave me an extra back and neck massage. I think everybody deserves a good massage from time to time. We all have busy schedules these days, and nothing will do you more good than an oily massage.

My batteries are fully uploaded again for my next busy work week. Just what I needed! Also in need of a little relaxed getaway? Don’t hesitate and just book yourself one! Find the link here.







Big thanks to Travelbird x Thermen R for making this happen!

Find them on instagram: @travelbird // Find them on Facebook here.


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