We all have our daily beauty routines in the morning. During the week I don’t find the time to do my make up properly, but it the weekends I love to take my time for it. Sipping my coffee while polishing my nails in my comfy pj’s. Probably one of the most important things why I love my free weekends. So I can pamper myself after a busy week.

As I just received new make up goodies by Dior, I had to show it to you girls. Dior just launched their new Brillant series, with mutiple shades of lipglosses and nailpolishes. The beautiful bright red nailpolish happened to catch my eye immediately. Kinda addicted to cherry red nailpolish, I guess. As you can see, I matched it with the red lipgloss as well that day. 2 touches of red is perfect to light up your weekend! Hurry up to get yours, as the temperatures are rising in Belgium.. Your nails need to be bright and clean for summer season!


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