Just got back from a little Eurotrip to Amsterdam. Magnificent city! Not that I wasn’t familiar with Amsterdamn, cause I visit the city quite often. Actually there never passes a year that haven’t seen the capital of the cheese country. It has a special place in my heart. Everything is so cosy with the little houses build around the canals, the friendly people, the best dinner places.. One thing that is becoming a habit for me, is stroling around the little 9 streets. Famous for it’s cute little shops with new designers. But hey, this time I got really lucky. I was invited by Mercure hotel in the Canal District to have a stay. Lucky me! Such a tiny cosy place in the middle of the city centre. Def a must do, if you don’t like big overcrowded hotels. Then this one is your piece of cake. If you have the chance to book the junior suite, DO IT NOW! It’s like a mini corner appartment with your own comfy coach and big big bed with angels above your head, and a fancy dinner table. You even have your own Nespresso coffee maker, just sayin.. And my god, the breakfast was delicious! They even had the famous Hollandse poffertjes included in their breakfast. Those are like tiny mini pancakes. Mmm..










What did we actually do besides shopping? Eating Mexican food, enjoying a sip of wine in the sun like locals on the porch of a friend’s house, having a cosy tapas dinner at night.. Anyway, just enjoying our little free time. Because lately I’ve been qiete busy.

First stop for a quick Mexican lunch: SALSA SHOP 

Def one you will never forget. I just never had such a yummy mexican taco before. Ordered 4 taco’s, each really different from each other. Oh so delicious! A fun stop to go for a dinner with friends, or just for a quick lunch. SALSA SHOP was really my piece of cake! And maybe their next shop will be in Antwerp? Let’s pray for it!





Another tip for the ones that like to smoke from time to time..  Boere Jongens Coffeeshop.

Not a typical ordinary coffeeshop. This one has the look of a pharmacy, they even wear a white apron, no kidding! And you can just order any taste you want. Sorry guys haven’t tried it out, so that’s why I haven’t took some pictures inside. But for the ones that really like to smoke, give it a try!



And last but not least, the thing that I enjoyed most.. Porch sitting in Amsterdamn and strolling around! Big thanks to our lovely friends for keeping us company.









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