Canadian standards.

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Yesterday I took a visit to the Canada Goose showroom in Antwerp. I was already familiar with the brand, but I wanted to get a glimps of the story behind the brand. Did you know the Canada Goose coats are actually made to survive in extreme weather? Like for example I can visit the North Pole in these coats and never get cold. How great would that be? Cause I’m always so cold.

The coats are made in Canada since 1957, and became famous in Europe a few years ago. They still make the coats in Canada because the brand wanted to stay commited to the outstanding craftsmanship. Loyal people those Candians! But most especially because the Canadians know the extreme weather conditions better than anyone, so their critic eye has helped their brand.

Why are the coats warm as hell? Because they use a blend of the most best down in the world. They have an ability to stay warmer than other kinds of parka’s and they’re a lot lighter than other ones.

Note. I def need one in my closet!





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