Daily routines.

We all have seen Beyonce’s morning face and the very comon hashtag #IWOKEUPLIKETHIS. But we all know, when we wake up, our face has pillow stretchmarks all over it or you look as pale like a dead body. And this counts for me too! I’ve learned to use a cleanser in the morning, and a good moisturizer. And these two they are magic to me. Your skin will get that fresh glow back, and you look like you have slept for ages.

After this little morning ritual, I use a MAC foundation on a water base to give my face a little extra color. I’m like an olive type of skin, I get really dark in the summer but in the winter my face gets really pale. Not that fun! Why a foundation on water base? Because I really hate those thick foundations that really cover up my whole skin. I don’t want people to see that I’ve used foundation, it doesn’t need to be obvious for anybody. I want it to be discrete! We don’t want to look like an orange.

Ok next step is to cover up my dark spots or wrinkels underneath my eyes. For this one I use the MAC mineralize concealer. Also a fair product that is made of natural ingrediƫnts, that will never harm your skin. Very important! After these two steps are done, your skin will look fresher than ever. On top of the cake, I use a lip conditioner or the viva glam lipstick number 6 to keep my lips hydrated.

Hope I made it clear that even I don’t wake up like this. All girls will need something in the morning to give their face a fresh look!






MAC face and body foundation // MAC mineralize concealer // MAC lip conditioner // MAC Viva Glam 6.

PS. Did you know that with buying the Viva Glam lipsticks you can support the MAC Aids Fund? All money goes their Aids campaign.


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