A sunday well spent brings a week of content.

A little bit later as expected, but here is my post about my weekend trip to Maastricht, Holland.

Almost once a year I pay a visit to this cute local town, but this time was a bit different. I had never crossed the bridge to get to the other side of Maastricht. Known as the older side of the village. Glad I found this place!

It’s like a little mini Amsterdam and looks familiar to the 9 straatjes as well (Famous little streets in Amsterdam). First stop was this amazing juice bar called SAPPENBAR. God these green juices were delicious! 2nd stop, a local vintage market. Wich is open every sunday btw! Where we happend to score a lovely silver etnic style bracelet for my stepmom. As seen on the picture!

One street that you def need to check out is WYCK. You have the most cosy stores over there,vintage stores included! Plus it’s also the street where stylesuite is situated. YOU MUST SEE THIS STORE!! All these amazing brands.. My oh my! Later we went for a delicious dinner at Harry’s. A well know restaurant, little bit pricy but worth it! And its very near by. Oh and I almost forgot! To grab a coffee, go to ZONDAG. Really nice coffeebar aka lunchplace. Hope you liked my tips dolls!

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