Ceramics by Ava.

As the weather gets colder, we get grumpy and down. So I am bringing back the summer vibes with this lovely handcrafted brand from Bali. And take you away to paradise.

Ceramic by ava is a brand designed by a twenty-something year old girl called Victoria Afanaseva. Born and raised in Russia. This girl was always inspired by nature and the ocean, and soon developped a jewellery brand inspired by the purity of the nature. Victoria designs necklaces and rings made of ceramic. Ceramics are generally made by taking mixtures of clay, earthen elements, powders, and water and shaping them into desired forms. And this is what she does, she designs forms like branches combined with real silver, to get a bohemian, beachy look and to make for example a necklace with it. Each peace is handcrafted and made with love. Go and check out http://www.ceramicbyava.com/ for more info.

Tip, combine the jewellery with a messy beach hair look and a triangle bikini. Now you are def ready to hit the beach!


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