Eye candy.

As some of you may know, except the fact that I am a fashion blogger I also work as an optician. Still in my last year of education, but I’m getting there. I already work during the week in my parent’s new store, so it’s quite fun to combine. Anyway, today I wanted to show you my favourite brands of the moment, in the optical world. A new brand in our store is called Kris Van Assche. The designer is actually a well know Belgian designer. Famous for his work at Dior and Yves Saint Laurent. So he went from high end clothes to high end optical frames. Here are a few of his designs for fall/winter 2014. What I love most about these frames, is that some of them are transparent combined with white metal. It gives it a rougher look, but it’s actually really lovely on a face, because every color of the skin is coming through naturally. My favourite? Def the first one in the pictures, and wait till you see the sunglasses.. To die for!


Kris Van Assche







Available at eyes+ears, Lier Belgium.

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