Done with shaving and waxing.

Shaving my legs or the bikini area is one of the most anoying things I need to do. But we can’t stop with it, because in this world legs with a bunch of hair are no longer tolerated. There is also such a thing like waxing, hate it! Nor do I have the pain tolerance for it. But we all love smooth legs, so we needed to find a way to make it less painful and more permanent. And yes girls, I’ve found it!

A permanent laser hair removal. It already excisted in a more painful way, where you couldn’t even get through a single leg. Because the pain was almost unbearable. But now they designed a new laser that is almost painless. I’ve tried it out, and amazingly I survived. My pain tolerance is really low, so if I say it’s really ouch-free. It actually is! What’s also new?  It is targeting almost all hair colors. The old school machine didn’t work on darker skin tones or lighter hair. But now they solved that problem! The laser can be used anywhere on the body, including on the face. For example if you heave a beard or a little moustache on the upper lip. That said, I just want to tell you how happy I am with the result. Just finished my first session, and 1/3  of my hair is already gone. Can you imagine? Normally you need to go 3 or 4  times to remove all your hair, but that depends on what skintone you are or what haircolor you have. Anyway, I’m really satisfied and definitely going for my other sessions. Here are a few shots of my hair removal day1.


greet          greet2




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