Yesterday’s bikram yoga session.

Hi girls,

Yesterday I took a visit to a local bikram yoga place in Antwerp. And it ready payed off. I was not familiar with these sort of yoga classes, so my arms and legs were on fire! Just to quickly explain, the bikram yoga is done in a hot room of 40°C. You practice 26 postures and 2 breathing exercises in 90minutes. The heat helps you relax your mind and body and stretch deeper than normal yoga exercises or other kind of workouts. The thing is, you get a great detox from the class, by sweating. But most of all, it makes your skin look fresh and you feel fantastic after the class is done, and the heavy work pays off. You’ll get leaner in no time! 

Of you want to learn more about bikram yoga visit the website or just cut the crap and join a class with me! 

Greets Julie

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