Week 3 of the kayla itsines program.

Hi folks,

I am now working out 5 times a week with the bikini body program. And it really helps my body to get back in shape. I must admit, it’s really hard. But.. It’s worth it! During the exercises I always want to quit, but eventually I make it every time. And after the workout is done, you’ll get really proud of yourself. If you want to know how the program works, read further..

A little example of my workout program.

Start with circuit 1. Set a timer for 7min. Start with the burbees followed by push ups and repeat these 4 exercises for 7minutes.

Rest for half a minute.

Start with circuit 2. Set the timer. Begin with the squat clean and press en work out for 7minutes again.


Repeat circuit 1 for 7min


Repeat circuit 2 for 7min


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