My adventure has begun.

So I told you guys I was going to start with the Kayla Itsines bikini body workout. Well today was the day my adventure began.
What I was expecting?
When i first saw the exercises, i was leterally thinking: oh well, piece of cake.
But oh boy, guess i was wrong. 
What does the program look like?
Well, each resistance work out takes 28minutes. In these 28min you have to compleed 4 times a 7min cirquit. 1cirquit stands for ( for example ) 15 jumpsquats, 15 squats, 10 burpees, 24 knee ups with weights. And you need to repeat these exercises as many as you can in these 7minutes. 
What I was feeling?
The first 7min I was okay, just a little tired. But I think everyone feels tired after doing squats.. The next 7min were really hard, I could barely make it. And then I needed to do it all over again for the second time. Anywho, I barely made it! It’s really hard, and now I understand why everyone that has completed this program has made a hugh transformation. 
I really suggest it for other girls who want to lose weight and tighten up a bit without getting bulky! 

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