ARROGANTWERP by Parini Antwerp

Have U spotted my new sweater yet?
A new upcoming brand of Antwerp is making these pretty babies. Read all about it in this interview with the designer Isabelle Parein.
Why did you start this sweater brand?

I was tired of looking for a cool job so I started my own business this year. I always liked cosy sweaters, so why not a brand wich presents Antwerp I thought. Since I was born and raised in Atown, i started loving this city.. So I wanted to do something with it.

Why Arrogantwerp? Yeah well, we all know the reputation of Antwerp. People say the people over here are just a little bit arrogant. But in a good way! 

Are there more prints coming? I can’t tell you what’s next, but our brand will def grow. We’re thinking about tshirts and stuff for summer. We’ll keep you guys posted!

How can you order these pretty sweaters?
Go to the Parini Antwerp facebook page and send a private message to the designer with your size and request. And it will be delivered within 3-5 business days. 
PS also available for men.

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