A 12 week adventure.

It’s all about Kayla Itsines this time. 

Kayla is a 23 year old personal trainer from Australia, wich invented a bikini body guide for 12 weeks.
Back in the days whe she started as a personal trainer, she was always hearing the same from the female clients. “I hate my inner thighs” , “I want toned arms”, “I just want a flat-stomach and nice abs”.
So she decided to do something about that and began to develop her own set of exercises that targeted those areas specifically. And before she knew, she developped a workout guide aspecially for females. 

“Before I knew it, I had developed workouts and cardio techniques, mixed with nutrition planning that achieved a certain result: a bikini body confidence.”

And that is when she got me.

Her plan has helped several people around the world to lose weight and get it tight. Here are a few results of what woman achieved: http://www.kaylaitsines.com.au/transformations/

On next monday I will start my 12 week program wich includes cardio, weightlifting, and eating healthy. Like we all know.. Every girl wants to get it right and tight for summer..
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