Pop them seeds.

Did you know the benefits of popcorn?

Popcorn is one of the healthiest foods anyone can eat. It has large amount of calories, protein, minerals and vitamins… and all-around food. For centuries corn has been basic in diets because it provides so many different nutrients. We all strive for a balanced diet of healthful foods, which taste good. 

Make your own corn snack.

What do you need?
*corn seeds
*olive oil
*a pan with a lid
Start heating up the olive oil in the pan. Until it smokes a bit. Turn the heat into medium and add 5 tablespoons of seeds. Don’t forget to put the lid back on top. Because they start popping in a second. Wait for any final pops and than remove the lid. Pour the popcorn into a bowl or paper bag and add some sugar or salt to it. 
And time to snack it is! 

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