A brand you’ll all been waiting for.

A few months ago I discovered a new brand called Apivita. All cosmeticairy products made with only natural ingredients. Like 100% pure essential oils, bee products or herb ingredients. I mean seriously when i started using this amazing stuff, my skin got more soft and glowing. And for people like me with allergies, these products are like heaven! Cosmetic products without toxic stuff or parabens aren’t easy to find. 

So here are a few products you should def try out:
This amazing mosturizing hand cream with aloe vera and honey! ( tadaa they got a beauty award for it folks, just saying.. )
The body milk with figs is def my favourite!
And last but not least, the green clay mask. Because every girl wants her own spa treatment. 

Apivita products can be found in the local pharmacies all around the world. And lucky bastards we are, in Belgium too! Amen! 

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