Delicate Hand Harness DIY


Tools: wire, flat head pliers, wire cutters, needle-nose pliers, chain, clasps, beads, and a ruler.

Step 1: Measure out four pieces of chain in the following lengths: (3″, 2″, and two 3.5″ pieces).

Step 2: Cut a piece of wire (approximately 3″) – make sure it’s longer than you need so that you have extra room to work with. Wrap the wire around the tip of your needle-nose pliers to make a loop.

Step 3: Take the 3″ piece of chain and slip both ends through the loop (which you can see more clearly in the next picture). This will be the ring portion. Secure the loop by twisting the remaining little piece around the base two times. Cut off any extra wire.

Step 4: Create an identical loop with the other end of the wire, so that it’s flush up against the first loop. Connect your 2″ piece of chain to the new loop, wrap the remaining piece of wire around the base of the loop and cut off any extra.
Step 5: Cut six pieces of wire, all about 3″ long. Take the first one and make a loop on one end and attach it to the end of the 2″ piece of chain (which you cut in step 1). Add a bead and then wrap the remaining wire so that there’s a loop on both sides of the bead. Repeat these steps with the remaining five beads, making sure to leave the very last loop open.

Step 6: Take your last two pieces of chain (they should each be 3.5″ long) and slip them both in the last loop created from the beaded section. This will be the bracelet. Secure by wrapping the remaining wire around the base and cutting off extra.

Step 8: At the end of one bracelet chain add the clasp (by using the same technique as adding the beads above). At the end of the other piece of chain, add a wire wrapped loop so it can close.


Inspired by cupcakesandcashmere.

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